I’ve been writing short poems forever…..they just unfold spontaneously from something I’m feeling. Mostly it’s a mystery to me where they come from…..they’re like messages from the universe.

I share many of them here, and hopefully they may speak to some of you out there in ways that are connecting. A paperback of my short poems is now available on Amazon. 

I also enjoy taking photos of beautiful shapes and colours, especially graffiti…..I hope you enjoy them too.

Some of my paintings now also appear on the site, and I plan to have prints and cards available soon. 


Please feel free to get in touch anytime, or leave a comment.


Many thanks to anyone who takes the time to visit. You can follow Just Mairi on Facebook too.



All Poems Photos and Paintings by Mairi McLean.
Copyright ©Mairi McLean 2016. All Rights Reserved.
Graffiti: Many thanks to unknown graffiti artists in Edinburgh & Dundee.

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