I hope you  find this a peaceful space….and connect with some of the Poems and Artwork….Words and colours from the soul for the soul.

I’m not trying to be a Poet or an Artist (I’m not fond of labels)…I’m not even trying to make money. I’m just someone who has always been creative….who when faced with changed circumstances, embraced the creative flow. You can find this flow somewhere in the ether….both healing and empowering.

You will find a few Select/One-Off Art Cards and Poems from the Universe (Book of Short Poems) at my Online Shop The Book is also available from my Website and all Amazon Market Places. 


Please get in touch by email anytime, or  share your thoughts here.

I’m very grateful to everyone who follows and supports my creative outpourings…thank you.

Just Mairi is on FacebookTwitter and Instagram too. Hope to see you there

Mairi xx


All Poems and Artwork by Mairi McLean.

Copyright © Mairi McLean 2016. All Rights Reserved.



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