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Paperback Collections of my Short Poems are available here….and from all Amazon Market Places (including those below).

Poems From The Universe: by Mairi McLean

Poems from the Universe

Book of 62 Short Poems exploring our shared human condition and the changes we go through. Free postage.




This Beautiful Abyss Poems: by Mairi McLean

This Beautiful Abyss

A collection of 36 short poems exploring our shared human condition, and the darkness and light within ‘This Beautiful Abyss’. Free Postage.




You can read all 36 Poems FREE at This Beautiful Abyss

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Both Books of Short Poems

Poems from the Universe and This Beautiful Abyss. Free Postage.



“She articulates the moment with depth and awareness that is deeply genuine. I love feeling what she expresses as my own experience, too. So simple and direct as life actually is.” Laura Toohey