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I’ve created this special space on my website for comments and shared thoughts. Please feel free to make a connection…and many thanks to everyone who does. 

16 thoughts on “Shared Thoughts

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  1. Hi Mairi. Love your sight. You paintings are full of color and warm ambiguity and your poems are like soothing balms. Keep it up! Thanks as well for visiting my fledgling site, Two Hemispheres Poetry.

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    1. Hi Ronart…Thanks so much for visiting my site and your lovely, encouraging comment. I love the idea of poems being ‘soothing balms’….. Good luck with your new site and your books. Mairi


  2. I’m honored to be invited into this open hearted connection. Your poetry draws me into the simplicity and directness of the present moment. Thank you.❤

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    1. I’m grateful Laura for all the supportive, thoughtful feedback you’ve given me….it’s always very much appreciated, and makes the poem sharing experience feel of value….on a soul level. Thank you…Mairi


  3. Shared human condition – is a perfect description of how your work has resonated with me. You portrayed such beautiful sentiment always in not too many words and I felt connected and relate to each one I read.

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    1. Many thanks for your lovely feedback and for being the first to share your thoughts on my new Comments page. I really appreciate it. I thought it would be nice to have all comments and feedback in one place on my site, so thank you for taking the time. Love & Peace Mairi

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